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Weekly Science Experiments For a Year of Engaging Science!

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Do you want to teach your students even more science but don't want to spend hours searching for the perfect resource?

As educators, we know science lessons have to be meaningful and engaging and age-appropriate...without being dumbed down.

Our kids may be young, but they deserve real, hands-on science. Not fluff.

Our Science Lessons Need To:

  • be prepped on the fly
  • be hands-on, exciting, and engaging
  • be rigourous, but age-appropriate
  • be relatable to their prior knowledge
  • connect to reading and writing
  • be simple to explain and simple to teach
  • hit the state standards and be principal-approved
  • use low-cost, low-prep, easy to find materials
  • fit into an already limited budget

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What if I told you there was a really simple solution to engage our learners who are itching to do MORE science, not just learn science from a worksheet or book?

Because at the end of the day, we want all our students to fall in love with being curious, with problem solving, and with collaborating.

And that comes when we incorporate fun, interactive, and engaging science lessons into our curriculum that make their learning meaningful.

Year-Long Science Experiments

Each of the 44 Experiments Has:

  • step-by-step instructions and pictures showing how to complete the experiment
  • recording sheet for your students as they complete the experiment
  • 2 options for each recording sheet, allowing you to differentiate for writers and pre-writers
  • explanation of the science behind the experiment
  • follow up questions to ask your students

So, Your Students Will:

  • make observations and communicate their observations,
  • make hypotheses and predictions,
  • ask questions and seek answers
  • make connections to what they already know
  • collect, record, organize, and analyze data,
  • use cooperative, problem solving, and analytical skills


  • Polar Bear Blubber-animal adaptions
  • Blizzard in a Jar- chemical reactions
  • Hot Cocoa Science- matter
  • Melting Snowman- acids and bases


  • Love Potion-acids and bases
  • Chocolate Races- heat transfer
  • Dancing Conversation Hearts- chemical reactions and states of matter
  • Valentine's Day Lava Lamp- chemical reactions


  • Jumping Coins- thermal expansion
  • Shamrock Crystals- dissolving, and evaporation
  • Turning Pennies Green-chemical reaction, oxidation
  • Rainbow Milk-chemical reactions


  • Craft Stick Color Mixing- primary and secondary colors
  • Insect Observation Station-life science, biology
  • Flip the Arrow- light refraction
  • Mini Jar Gardens- life science, what plants need to survive


  • Sediment Jar-earth science
  • Layers of the Earth- earth science
  • Sand Volcano-chemical reaction
  • Naked Egg-biology: parts of an egg and chemical reaction


  • Make a Rocket- energy and wind power
  • Leakproof Bag-polymers
  • Bubble Experiment-surface tension
  • Ice Cream in a Bag-chemical reaction and freezing point


Coming Soon


  • Five Senses- observing with the 5 Senses
  • Air Pressure Water Experiment-molecules and air pressure
  • Tie Dye Baby Wipes-absorption
  • Glowing Germs-microbiology: germs


  • Bread Mold and Germs- microbiology: mold and germs
  • Magic Milk-chemical reactions
  • Five Senses Popcorn- observing with the 5 Senses
  • Falling Mass Experiment- matter: mass and volume


  • Marshmallow Boat- buoyancy and physics of sink/float
  • Gooey Monster Eyes- states of matter
  • Dissolving Pumpkins- dissolving sugar
  • Inflatable Ghost Balloons-chemical reaction


  • Dancing Corn- chemical reaction
  • Mayflower Boats- buoyancy and physics
  • Play Dough Leaf Prints- biology: parts of a leaf
  • Making Butter- states of matter


  • Gingerbread Oobleck- states of matter
  • Dancing Jingle Bells- acid and base
  • Peppermint Water Science- dissolving sugar
  • Bouncy Balls- polymer chains

This is a perfect resource for your classroom if you want to:

  • Introduce science concepts that are engaging, thought provoking and hands-on
  • Differentiate for your students to make it meaningful
  • Have resources that are rigorous, yet developmentally appropriate for young learners
  • Encourage your students to get up and do science with age-appropriate experiments
  • Connect to the state standards in meaningful ways, even with limited teaching time
  • Have easy to use, straight forward and low-prep activities

These 44 Experiments are a busy teacher's best friend: they are the go-to lessons you need so your students are engaged in interactive, age-appropriate science.

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“This is going to make teaching science so much easier. I love science, but it's easy to push it aside.”

-Mary S.

“This is going to make teaching science so much easier. I love science, but it's easy to push it aside.”  

-Angela O.

Science is a subject that truly sparks our students’ curiosity and wonder. They want to explore and discover and experiment. It’s our job to help make it fun, engaging and relatable.

So let’s get more developmentally appropriate science into our classrooms with simple, yet meaningful science curriculum. The next generation of scientists are waiting.


Get these 44 experiments for only 95 cents each!

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