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Are you tired of spending so much time searching for just-right resources for your students? Are you ready to take back your evenings and weekends and take the stress out of prepping and planning for the week? What if I told you that there is a club you can join that will give you access to THOUSANDS of resources, right at your fingertips? When you join the Dollar Teachers Club, you get access to all of the printable AND digital products we’ve ever made, all of our freebies, exclusive monthly resources made just for you, and lots more, all in ONE place. Save some money, some stress, and lots of time, and join the Dollar Teachers Club today!

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I'm Jennifer.... I taught Kindergarten and 1st grade, I have a stash of chocolate in my desk to keep me going, and I spend way too much time stalking the Target dollar bin. At a Dab of Glue Will Do, we help busy teachers and their little learners by creating awesome classroom resources which make teachers’ lives easier and encourage kids to love learning.

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