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4 Engaging, Affordable Science Experiments Every Little Learner Has to Do

  • Perfect for limited budgets
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Hands-on and engaging
  • Fun for our kiddos
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Do you want to teach your students more science but have no clue where to even start?

As educators, we know science lessons have to be meaningful and engaging and age-appropriate...without being dumbed down.

Our kids may be young, but they deserve real, hands-on science. Not fluff.

Our Science Lessons Need To:

  • be prepped on the fly
  • be fun, exciting and engaging
  • be age-appropriate
  • be relatable to their prior knowledge
  • be simple to explain
  • hit the state standards
  • be principal-approved
  • fit into an already limited budget

If this is on your wish list...


What if I told you there was a really simple solution to engage our learners who are itching to do science, not just learn science from a worksheet or book?


I'm Jennifer, founder of A Dab of Glue Will Do and I get it.

I was a kinder and first grade teacher for years and know what you need to teach science because I needed it too. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I created the science experiments I wanted and needed for my students.

And now, my goal is simple: A Dab of Glue Will Do helps busy teachers and their little learners by creating awesome classroom resources which makes teachers’ lives easier and encourages our kiddos to love learning.

Because at the end of the day, we want all our students to fall in love with being curious, problem solving and collaborating.

And that comes when we incorporate fun, interactive, and engaging science lessons into our curriculum that make their learning meaningful.

Our Science Lessons Need To:

  • hands-on and engaging experiments
  • differentiated recording sheets for writers and pre-writers
  • age-appropriate experiments without watering down the concepts
  • explanations behind the science
  • thought-provoking and meaningful follow-up questions
  • interdisciplinary opportunities to connect the experiments across the curriculum
  • ideas to conduct the experiments as a whole class or more independently in a center-based learning environment

This is a perfect resource for your classroom if you want to:

  • Introduce science concepts that are engaging and thought provoking
  • Use a more inquiry based approach instead of telling students meaningless facts
  • Have resources that are rigorous, yet developmentally appropriate for young learners
  • Encourage your students to get up and do science with age-appropriate experiments
  • Connect to the state standards in meaningful ways, even with limited teaching time
  • Have easy to use, straight forward and low-prep activities

These 4 Experiments are a busy teacher's best friend: they are the go-to lessons you need so your students are engaged in interactive, exciting science.

Not sure if this is right for your kiddos?

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other teachers think:

“I am absolutely loving this resource! I have struggled with finding simple experiments and activities that my principal would approve of...I love that there are different options for different abilities. Have I said 'love' enough?”

-Kimberly S.

“This is an amazing resource...I love that everything I need is right here and requires minimal prep work.  Thank you!”

-Courtney N.

This “interactive activity was brilliant and my students were the most engaged they have ever been.”

-Kathryn C.

“I love the ease in which you give the explanation how each experiment works.  It's broken down for you. My kids love doing the experiments, and you have great worksheets for the kids to make their predictions.  Great job!”

-Angela O.

“This is going to make teaching science so much easier. I love science, but it's easy to push it aside.”  

-Mary Elizabeth S.

Science is a subject that truly sparks our students’ curiosity and wonder. They want to explore and discover and experiment. It’s our job to help make it fun, engaging and relatable.

So let’s get more developmentally appropriate science into our classrooms with simple, yet meaningful science curriculum. The next generation of scientists are waiting.