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Your Sink and Float Experiment is:

  • low-prep
  • cost zero dollars
  • quick and easy to teach
  • differentiates recording sheets for writers and pre-writers
  • hands-on and engaging
  • connects to reading and writing
  • simple explanations behind the science
  • encourage to make predictions and check those predictions

Your students will LOVE this engaging, fun, hands-on science experiment. But then what?

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I got you covered.

For a limited time only I am offering

4 brand new and exclusive experiments

designed to engage our youngest scientists without [challenge].

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It has over 50 pages of ideas and printable templates and resources designed by 3 teachers to help you find more time in your day to teach the science standards we're required to teach. 

So you’ll get 4 science experiments designed by a kindergarten teacher with differentiated recording sheets for writers and prewriters (value of $X) and my 50+ Ways To Squeeze More Science Into Your Classroom Resource Guide (value $19) for just one single payment of $5.


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I'm only offering this 5 for the price of 1 science experiment deal for a limited time and when it's gone, I’m not sure when I can offer it again.

If you need science that is...

  • simple
  • age-appropriate
  • hands-on and engaging
  • affordable
  • short and impactful
  • easy to implement

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This is a perfect resource for your classroom if you want to:

  • Bring science into your lesson plans, even if it's in short bursts
  • Have easy to use, easy to find, low-prep materials
  • Have resources that are rigorous and impactful, yet don't take a lot of time to explain
  • Encourage your students to get up and do science with age-appropriate experiments
  • Connect to the state standards in meaningful ways, even with limited teaching time
  • Introduce science concepts that connect to reading and writing

These 4 Experiments are a busy teacher's best friend: they are the simple, low-prep, and quick lessons you need so you can fit science into your day.

Not sure if this is right for your kiddos?

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other teachers think:

“I am absolutely loving this resource! I have struggled with finding simple experiments and activities that my principal would approve of...I love that there are different options for different abilities. Have I said 'love' enough?”

-Kimberly S.

“This is an amazing resource...I love that everything I need is right here and requires minimal prep work.  Thank you!”

-Courtney N.

This “interactive activity was brilliant and my students were the most engaged they have ever been.”

-Kathryn C.

“I love the ease in which you give the explanation how each experiment works.  It's broken down for you. My kids love doing the experiments, and you have great worksheets for the kids to make their predictions.  Great job!”

-Angela O.

“This is going to make teaching science so much easier. I love science, but it's easy to push it aside.”  

-Mary Elizabeth S.

Science is a subject that truly sparks our students’ curiosity and wonder. They want to explore and discover and experiment. It’s our job to squeeze in science around literacy and math.

So let’s get more science into our classrooms with low-prep, yet meaningful science curriculum. The next generation of scientists are waiting.