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Each of the 35 readers comes with word work activities and small group resources!

The decodable readers and activities are designed to help your students learn how to decode and blend words while building reading fluency.


  • 7 short “a” readers: ab, ad, ag, am, an, ap, at
  • 4 short “e” readers: ed, eg, en, et
  • 5 short “i” readers: id, ig, in, ip, it
  • 4 short “o” readers: ob, og, op, ot
  • 5 short “u” readers: ub, ug, um, um, ut
  • 2 mixed review short “a” readers
  • 2 mixed review short “e” readers
  • 2 mixed review short “i” readers
  • 2 mixed review short “o” readers
  • 2 mixed review short “u” readers

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Every reader and activity set in the bundle includes:

  • Half-page, reader “add-on” activities including: word cards, comprehension questions, fluency practice, sentence matching, and word building
  • Full-page activities and centers including: large word cards, point and read, roll and read, word building, comprehension questions, word mapping mats, and more!

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This is a great resource! I love how each book comes with several other activities that go with the book that my students use for additional practice and sometimes homework These are amazing! Thank you! Lisa S

“I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS RESOURCE!!! This is what has been missing from my small-group phonics instruction! The readers line up perfectly with the curriculum that my school uses. The kids love them, feel confident, AND the comprehension questions are amazing. You ask them in multiple ways, for students at multiple levels. It’s clear that you have thoroughly thought through each aspect of this product. THANK YOU!” -Jessica

“This is such an awesome resource just what I needed to use science of reading with my special needs students.” -Marjorie

“My students love this resource! They are doing an amazing job learning to read CVC words within their stories and be able to comprehend and answer questions about the story! I am so happy and excited about the growth they’ve made since starting this!”

-Brooke D.

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