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November Digital Games and Activities for First Grade Learners. Perfect fall and Thanksgiving themed games for elementary students.

Monthly Digital Mega Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle for Digital Learning

Our Mega Bundle has everything you need to make your lessons engaging and fun no matter what level your students are at!

  • Literacy & Math Centers. Each month features 18 Literacy and 18 Math digital activities with audio themed for the season
  • 3 Grade Levels. Differentiate your students with activities designed for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade
  • Pick your Platform. No matter which digital platform your school or district uses, we've got you covered
  • Engaging Activities. Skill-based games that are FUN with moveable pieces and audio directions

432 Digital Interactive Games

Virtual Teaching

In-Class Instruction

Asynchronous Learning

Google Slides, Seesaw, OR Boom Cards

Pre-K, Kindergarten, AND First Grade Skills

Literacy AND Math Games

All in 1 Bundle and 85% OFF!

Holly L.


“I love using the digital games both virtually and with my kiddos in person. It is a great way for me to diversify the activities we’ve been doing and touching on some skills I have not been able to readily find or make in the time that I have. All the differentiation, different levels and types of skills that I can use all in one place has been a godsend for me this whole time that we’ve been digital. ”

This Mega Bundle has it ALL:

18 Literacy Centers EACH Month

Each month we release 18 new literacy centers themed for the month covering a variety of skills so you can differentiate to meet your students' needs. Pre-K skills like letter matching, rhyming, uppercase/ lowercase, and alphabet order. 6 Kindergarten skills like segmenting sounds, vowel sorting, phoneme manipulation, and word building. 1st Grade skills like blends, digraphs, adjectives, story sequence, and compound words.

18 Math Centers EACH Month

This bundle also includes 18 new math centers each month! Struggling students can be assigned lower skills to review, while those needing a challenge can be stretched with new skills. 6 Pre-K skills like number order, counting numbers, shapes, and ordinal numbers. 6 Kindergarten skills like measurement, counting on, addition, and 1 more/less. 6 1st Grade skills like place value, subitizing, money, and 10 more/less.

3 Platforms to Choose From

We provide each month's 36 centers for use in Google Classroom, Seesaw, or Boom Cards! Pick that platform that works best for your students, or the platform your district requires. Your students will loving playing these digital games in a format they are familiar with. 

New Engaging Content Monthly

Keeping your kiddos engaged in today's learning environment is a constant challenge. Teachers around the world tell us how excited their students are to "play" our digital games. While the students love the interactive games, they're also reinforcing crucial learning skills and supporting their educational development. It's a win-win!

Meet the Creator: Jennifer

As an early-childhood educator myself, I know how hard it can be to keep our kiddos engaged and excited about learning, especially in the various virtual, hybrid, and asynchronous learning environments we now teach in. 

That's why I created these monthly digital games to help you practice the skills you need with fun, thematic themes that can be used however you're teaching today! Your students will have FUN while learning new skills, and you'll have some time back in your busy schedule.

Kindergarten digital games and activities for November. Engage your little learners with fall and Thanksgiving themed games.

Teachers of ALL kinds are RAVING!

Karen B.


“I have found that my children are LOVING to play the games. I love that I can access different levels of games, both Pre-K, Kindergarten and First, because I do have some students that are reading at this point.”

Erin H.


“I’ve been teaching Kindergarten now virtually since September, but the virtual games bundles help my kids stay engaged. We either do them together or they do them as asynchronous assignments and they LOVE them! They think of them as really fun things they can do without me, but when we do them together they are so much better!”

Diane B.

First Grade

“My students find them very engaging. They go right along with everything we’re working on in 1st grade. I also like that I have access to Kindergarten because some of my students are at that level so I can give those students what they need. My students comment how fun they are!”

Rachel M.

Special Education

“I teach Special Ed and I have Kindergarten through 5th Grade students performing on a variety of levels, so the bundle has been really helpful for me to assign to my students both in Boom Cards and in their Google Classroom so they can get the skills they need, and the themes are also super fun!”

Cherie S.


“I teach English Language learners so I like that the slides are super easy so when they’re in Seesaw it’s easy for the parents. Most of them don’t speak English so a lot of the practices were very simple and they were able to do them independently. I especially like the math because regardless of Spanish or English they can do very well with them.”

Becky S.

1st Year Teacher

“I am a first year teacher, so these games have been a GAME CHANGER for me! I’m good at creating things, but time is something I don’t have a lot of right now, so these games have been awesome for me to just plug in. My kids love things that are colorful and fun, and these games ARE FUN! They’re exciting activities, and they’re engaging and my kids LOVE them!”

For a limited time only, this bundle is 85% off!

432 Digital Games for only $25!!

For each month of the year, in this bundle you get 18 digital Literacy activities and 18 digital Math activities, themed for the month and differentiated across Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade skills - complete with moveable pieces and audio directions. AND these monthly games are available for Google Slides, Seesaw, OR Boom Cards!

All 12 months are waiting for you! Buy now and start using them today!

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